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AGM 2014

Nottingham Symphonic Winds
Annual General Meeting 2014
Sunday 13th July 2014 12:00 noon
Chair: Nicola Pennill
Secretary: Margaret Frogson
Treasurer: David Wesker
NSWO rep: Kate Brown
NWE rep: Dave Lees/Sandra Winfield
12:00 start
Welcome and highlights of the year
Financial summary
Officers retiring/elected

Final accounts for 2012-13
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Reports and summary of the year
NSW Chairman’s Report 2013-14
Nicola Pennill

Another eventful year has passed for NSW in which we have seen many exciting events and musical activities.  This is a summary of some of the highlights and key themes of the past twelve months.


The main business of both groups is preparing for concert performances, and the concert schedules have made for a busy year, with a wide selection of concerts around the region.




13th October:  Thoresby Riding Hall

9th November: Remembrances, W. Bridgford

7th December: St Giles, W. Bridgford

22nd December: Kidsophonic, Albert Hall


23rd November:  Chilwell Road Methodist Church

21st December: Kidsophonic, Albert Hall



March 29th: John Fretwell Centre, Mansfield 

 May 3rd : Close Encounters,  Djanogly

 May 17th:  Nottingham Cathedral, Derby Road (Flower & Music Festival)              

June 21st:  Middleton Primary School, Wollaton

 July 19th: Season Finale,  Djanogly


March 8th: Bestwood People’s Church

May 10th:  St Margaret's Church, Aspley                  

 July 12th:  Bulwell Academy


Summary of concert revenue:

“Musical excellence – supporting good causes”

As always, the concerts helped to raise funds both for NSW and for nominated charities.  In particular, the Kidsophonic double bill was a really good fundraiser for the group this year, which helped to support the workshop and other group outlay. Significantly, our charitable fundraising activities have been extremely successful this year, with both groups jointly contributing nearly £17,500 to various charities.  This represents a vital part of the ongoing activities of NSW, fulfilling one of our key charitable roles. (For the details of this and other concert revenue, see the Treasurer’s Report, below).


Thanks to these concert successes, sponsorship from third parties, and a huge amount of behind the scenes work by a number of people, we were able to offer a weekend workshop for all.  The subsidised price enabled a high level of attendance and we secured the services of some excellent tutors.  It was a very rewarding experience overall and considered an effective use of group funds, even if it is something which we cannot afford to do on a regular basis.

Charitable status

Thanks to the work we are doing in raising funds for good causes, and by virtue of the reinvestment of funds into the group’s future, we continue to fulfil our obligations and aims as a charity.  The Gift Aid system has increased our revenue from subscriptions, meaning that we can afford not to increase them this year. 

Promotion and publicity

Like any group we rely on our audiences for support and it is increasingly challenging to get our concert information noticed, so any means available to us to get the information out there is potentially of value.  The web site is still getting a huge number of visitors, we have a Twitter.    There is also Facebook page for NSW, which you can ‘like’ in order to follow news and activity, and post links or comments. We also have a number of videos on YouTube.  The system of communicating by text in case of emergency is in place – ensure your contact details are up to date.


As always, there is a huge amount of work that goes into keeping the organisation running.  There are too many to name everyone here, but special thanks go to Stewart Drummond and Keiron Anderson for directing the musical activities of the groups.  Kate Brown, Mel Barrett and Margaret Frogson worked extremely hard organising the workshop; and the planning teams and committee ensure we have a process of management in place.  We are sad to say goodbye to Keith and Penny who have given years of unpaid service to the group.  On behalf of the committee I’d also like to thank Dave Oldershaw and, especially, Margaret Frogson who does so much, every single day for the group.

Nicola Pennill

Chairman, NSW

NSW 2013-2014 Season Treasurer’s Report
David Wesker

The group remains in a healthy financial position thanks to all your efforts.


Overall for the season, the group will have spent more than we received. However, this is due to the costs of the residential workshop which I have referred to below. Ignoring this, the group should have a financial surplus for the year, thanks to a pleasing amount of concert income, higher gift aid claims and reduced expenditure (particularly on instrument repairs and similar costs).

Concerts and fundraising

Once again, we have had several financially successful concerts this year, which have all helped to raise significant amounts of money for charity. This is a key part of the work done by our group, and this season, we have helped to raise the following:

Alzheimers Society £500
Headway £500
Cathedral Festival £8,700
Middleton School £1,000

Bestwood Church £600
Chilwell Road Methodist Church £100
St Margaret's - Cardiac £1,575

The group also supported the Sally White Memorial Concert, which raised over £2500 for ORBS.

From our own perspective, the Kidsophonic concert continues to contribute a significant proportion of our income, and other concerts remain net contributors to our funds.


The largest financial undertaking for the group during the current season was the residential workshop. When this was first considered, it was clear that it would require a substantial contribution from the group’s reserves and this was very much taken into account in the planning.  The total cost, including the venue and the tutors, was £26,600, which is the equivalent of £300 per person. After payments from members, the sponsorship we were kindly given and the regular Sunday morning cost savings, the net cost to the group from our funds was £8,400. This was at the top end of what we could realistically spend on such an event at this time.


Once again, we have decided not to increase subscriptions and hold them at their current level. The main reason we continue to be able to do this is because of the gift aid claims we can now make so thanks to you for your support in this. 


For those that are interested, the final accounts for last season are attached to this report. These are also now publically available on the Charity Commission website.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Windblowers for their continued sponsorship, which includes free use of the van and other administrative assistance.

David Wesker

Treasurer, NSW



NSWO Representative Report 2013-2014
Kate Brown

Thank you for voting me as the NSWO representative for the years 2013 – 2015. I hope that during my first year, you feel I have successfully represented you. As ever there has been a huge amount of work done by all involved to keep NSW running and moving forward. 

All comments, question I received have been put forward to the committee or the planning team. Please continue to pass your comments to me, as it is very important to know what the members think. The comments this year have been mainly about repertoire, programming and the setting up rota (which is a recurring problem). We have bought quite a lot of new music this year, and have tried a couple of new themed programmes. We are making changes to the setting up rota for the start of the new academic year, and we hope that this will help to even out the efforts.

We have had another successful concert year, with the majority of feedback being positive. The main problem we are finding is the venue size for the orchestra. It is getting more and more difficult to find venues that are suitable, but we continue to search and would be very grateful if anyone can recommend venues for us to investigate.

We had a very successful workshop weekend, at the end of January, at Highgate House. Thank you to all who took the time to complete the feedback form. We received comments from 63% of band members and 71% from ensemble. The majority was very positive, but we acknowledge that there will always be constructive criticism – all the comments we have received have been considered and will be used to plan future events. Unfortunately, due to the significant cost to NSW, this kind of weekend cannot be repeated very often. I would like to thank the committee for subsidising the cost, so significantly.

I look forward to another successful year with NSW.

Kate Brown

NSWO Representative

NWE Representative Report 2012-13

Dave Lees

I have found my temporary role as your representative on the NSWO committee and the Planning Team both challenging and interesting.  Challenging because of the issues around music and players, interesting because of the insight into how our organisation operates and how it could function going forward.  Sandra is looking forward to re-joining us in September as a player.  It will be good to see her back as my nuts have been badly misaligned.

As ever there are a number of people to thank in the Ensemble who have contributed as players and also to those who have done that bit more by handing out and collecting the music, making sure that the lifter rota is working.  Yes we sometimes have an issue but generally it works.  Let’s all do a bit next season so the logistics work even smoother both to and from the shed on a Sunday and before and after concerts.

The nature of our ensemble is that young players will join and then move on to higher education.  This is the case again this year and I wish them all success in their exams and hope they get to the courses they applied for.  We have also a few more mature players who have joined this year, always good to see the membership average age rising, especially as I am well above average!  We will also be saying goodbye to our leader, Holly as she has completed her PhD thesis and has secured a position as Research Fellow at Edinburgh University

Thanks also go to our extra players from NSWO and beyond for their support.

Looking at the music this year we have played 4 concerts equating to 48 pieces.  Some of the music has been new and quite challenging, especially the chanting.  The rehearsal schedule has been worked on by Holly and Stewart and continues to develop so that we gain the best from each rehearsal.  We have had some suggestions throughout the year to include pieces, where they exist in the library and are within our capability even with some challenge they have been included.  More suggestions for music are welcome - keep them coming.

We spent the first weekend in February at the workshop which as well as giving us the opportunity to be tutored by leading professionals, meant we could also spend some social time together as an organisation. We also had the opportunity in June, to go a round of pirate themed adventure golf to the strains of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, a good night despite the food which Margaret has complained of.

Finally a huge thank you to Margaret, who has whipped us into shape as a band.  We are very grateful for your hard work most of which goes unseen, just like my black socks on concert nights.

Dave Lees

NWE Representative


Player Vacancies
If you are a woodwind, brass or percussion player we are always interested to hear from you.
NSWO - We are currently looking for  Percussion.
NWE - We are currently looking for players in all sections for the new term.
Phone Margaret on 0115 9410543