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AGM 2015

Nottingham Symphonic Winds
Annual General Meeting 2015
Sunday 19th July 2015 12:00 noon
Chair: Nicola Pennill
Secretary: Margaret Frogson
Treasurer: David Wesker
NSWO rep: Kate Brown
NWE rep: Dave Lees
12:00 start
Welcome and highlights of the year
Financial summary
Officers retiring/elected

Final accounts for 2013-14
Trustees report for Charity Commission
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Reports and summary of the year

NSW Chairman’s Report 2014-15

Nicola Pennill

Another successful year draws to a close for NSW in which we have seen many exciting events and musical activities.  This is a summary of some of the highlights and key themes of the past twelve months.


The main business of both groups is preparing for concert performances, and the concert schedules have made for a busy year, with a wide selection of concerts around the region.




19th October:  Invitation to the Dance, Thoresby Riding Hall

6th December: Christmas at St Margaret’s, Aspley

20th December: Kidsophonic, Albert Hall


2nd November:  Church at Rise Park, Nottingham

20th December:  Kidsophonic, Albert Hall


March 28th: Music of the Americas, Djanogly Recital Hall, Nottingham 

 May 17th:  Magic of Stage and Screen, Thoresby Riding Hall  

July 18th: East Meets West, Djanogly


April 25th: Bunny Church

June 27th: Beeston Fete                

 July 11th:  Bulwell Arts Festival

 “Musical excellence – supporting good causes”

As always, the concerts helped to raise funds both for NSW and for nominated charities.  Our charitable fundraising activities continue to be successful, with both groups jointly contributing more than £900.00 to ORBS, CLAPA and Rise Park Church. This represents a vital part of the ongoing activities of NSW, fulfilling one of our key charitable roles.

The Kidsophonic Concert again provided a key source of funds for the group, as our most profitable concert.  We rely on a good audience for this to continue to be so worthwhile – please support it by playing and by spreading the word when the time comes!

For the details of this and other concert revenue, see the Treasurer’s Report, below.

Sectional Day

Following the success of the 2014 workshop, in February 2015 we ran a Sectional Day with invited tutors.  Whilst smaller in scale than the residential weekend, it was well attended and feedback from members was good. 

NWE Open Mornings

At the time of writing the ensemble have held one open morning, and are planning another.  In doing this it is hoped to attract new players and promote the group more widely.  A number of potential players have expressed interest in the group as a result of these activities so far.

Charitable status

Thanks to the work we are doing in raising funds for good causes, performing for community organisations, and providing musical participation opportunities for members, we continue to fulfil our obligations and aims as a charity. 

Promotion and publicity

Like any group we rely on our audiences for support and it is increasingly challenging to get our concert information noticed, so any means available to us to get the information out there is potentially of value.  We also have a number of videos on YouTube.  The system of communicating by text in case of emergency is in place – please ensure your contact details are up to date.


As always, there is a huge amount of work that goes into keeping the organisation running.  There are too many to name everyone here, but special thanks go to Stewart Drummond and Keiron Anderson for directing the musical activities of the groups; the planning teams and committee ensure we have a process of management in place. 

We are sad to hear that our patron Ernest Tomlinson passed away recently.  He was a great supporter of the work of the group and enjoyed our playing and recordings of his music.  We will honour his memory in the NSWO concert in October, ‘British Light Music’.  As president of the British Light Music Society, we are sure he would appreciate it.

On behalf of the committee I’d also like to thank Dave Oldershaw and Margaret Frogson who continue to drive and support NSW so effectively.

Nicola Pennill

Chairman, NSW

June 2015

Treasurer’s Report 2014-15

David Wesker

I am pleased to present my report on the group’s financial position and on matters of note from a financial perspective from the past season.


Overall for the season, I expect the group to have a surplus of around £1,000, maintaining our financial resilience and reserves.

We have continued to generate strong concert income, which has increased as a proportion of our overall income as income from subscriptions has fallen (due to a reduction in the number of members across the group).

Having reviewed the group’s requirements, we have spent a significant amount on new instruments this year (in particular the piano and speakers), as well as new lights. This has been offset to some extent by the sale of one of the group’s E-flat clarinets. We have also spent money on new music – however I am happy to note that not all of the money put aside for this has been spent so please let the planning teams know if you have any ideas for new music.

Going forward we will be reviewing the requirements for and state of percussion instruments held by the group (including cases) so may spend money in this area in the next 12 months.

In summary, I expect next season’s income and costs to remain broadly similar to this season so subscriptions will remain at their current level.

Concerts and fundraising

Once again, we have had several financially successful concerts this year, which have helped to raise money for local charities. This is a key part of the work done by our group, and this season, we have donated or helped to raise the following (and there is more to come!):

ORBS - £500
Rise Park - £100
Bunny Church and CLAPA - £300

From our own perspective, the Kidsophonic concert continues to contribute a significant proportion of our income, and other concerts remain net contributors to our funds.


This year we have not had the residential workshop of the year before, but did have a sectionals day, on which we spent in the region of £1,200.


Once again, we have decided not to increase subscriptions and hold them at their current level. The main reason we continue to be able to do this is because of the gift aid claims we can now make so thanks to you for your support in this. 


For those that are interested, the final accounts for last season are also available. These are also now publicly available on the Charity Commission website.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Windblowers for their continued sponsorship, which includes free use of the van and other administrative assistance.

David Wesker

NSW Treasurer

NSWO Representative Report 2014-2015

Kate Brown

Thank you for having me as the NSWO representative for the last two years and I hope you feel I have successfully represented you. Every year there is a huge amount of work done, by many people, to keep NSW running and moving forward, this year has been no exception.   

We have not had many issues arise this year, but all comments and questions I received have been put forward to the committee or the planning team. We have changed the set up rota and found that a surname system appears to be working well.

NSWO has had yet another very successful concert year, with the majority of feedback on venues and programmes being positive. In Djanogly we have now moved the piano onto the left hand side of the stage, so that the back row remains in the usual position. We are also going to avoid using pieces, in Djanogly, that require a piano. The venue size is still a bit of an issue, but we have found two new venues to try out in the next concert year, St Marks, Mansfield in November and The Crossing, Worksop in February.

We had a very successful sectional day, at Bluecoat School, with the majority of players attending, from both groups. The feedback we received with regards to the venue, the tutors and the cost were all very positive. However, both groups were disappointed that we were not given the chance at the end of the day to play through the pieces we had been working on during the day. 

Kate Brown
NSWO Representative


NWE Representative Report 2014-15

Dave Lees

My report starts with some of the highlights and issues that we have encountered as a band this year.  We have played 3 concerts and with Stewart’s support and direction, each has been better than the previous ones.  We have our final concert of the year at Bulwell Arts Festival.  This assumes that we have found our way in and out of the maze that is currently Beeston for their Summer Fete.  We also enjoyed the internal workshop in February allowing us as a band to concentrate on the detail of the pieces chosen. Thanks go to Nicola and Stewart for leading us through the day.

Most exciting was the open morning we held in May for new players. We successfully had several new players join us.  A second open morning will be held on 12 July.  This one is aimed specifically at brass and percussion players.  I think this is a great idea for attracting new players who may never have played in an ensemble before.  Allowing them and us to grow together, becoming stronger players and also enjoying the process. 

This brings me to an issue we must all be aware of and that is player availability for concerts.  In order to give us a target or aim, we need to be challenged as players. The way we have chosen to do this is by preparing our pieces for public performance and then delivering them.  If we miss concerts then we have not met our aim that we have practiced and rehearsed for.  Yes we have commitments that may occasionally rule us out, but please going forward can we all make this a last resort.  It would be great if next year we did not have to rely on our sister group to plug our gaps.  Thank goodness that they do though.

My second point is that we need to be aware that the logistic situation will change next year and we will not have the luxury of Henry as he will be going to University and will not be available.  It is necessary that we make sure that when it is our setup that we carry on doing what we have been doing this year, making sure we bring equipment to and from the shed.  I have been asking recently for those who are not on rota to set the room back up as we found it.  This will be required more so next year as there will be a greater need at the shed.

I have droned on for long enough so apologies.  But as a last note (pun intended), I would like to thank Margaret for all her support on the management side, Stewart on the musical side, and above all to you, the members of NWE for being there and for your company on Sunday mornings.  For anyone leaving at the end of the year, I hope you have enjoyed your time with us and as you move on to other challenges I wish you all the best.

Dave Lees

NWE Representative



Player Vacancies
If you are a woodwind, brass or percussion player we are always interested to hear from you.
NSWO - We are currently looking for  Percussion.
NWE - We are currently looking for players in all sections for the new term.
Phone Margaret on 0115 9410543