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AGM 2017

Nottingham Symphonic Winds
Annual General Meeting 2017
Sunday 16th July 2017 12:00 noon
Chair: Nicola Pennill
Secretary: Margaret Frogson
Treasurer: David Wesker
NSWO rep: Stephen Parker
NWE rep: Sarah Emmerson
12:00 start
Welcome and highlights of the year
Financial summary
Officers retiring/elected

Final accounts for 2015-16

NSW Chairman’s Report 2016-17

Nicola Pennill

Another successful year draws to a close for NSW in which we have seen many exciting events and musical activities.  This is a summary of some of the highlights and key themes of the past twelve months.


Concert schedules have made for a busy year, with a wide selection of concerts around the region.




16th October: Musical Magic and Mystery Riding Hall, Thoresby

19th November: Concert Classics, St Marks, Mansfield

3rd December: Christmas Recollections, Aspley

17th December: Christmas Kidsophonic, Albert Hall


17th December:  Christmas Kidsophonic, Albert Hall


25th March: Northern Lights, Djanogly, Nottingham

7th May: Kaleidoscope, The Riding Hall, Thoresby

17th June: Concert Favourites, The Crossing, Worksop

15th July: Music of the British Isles, Djanogly, Nottingham


20th May: Concert for the Young Women of Laos, St John’s Church, Long Eaton

8th July:  Music for a Summer Evening, The Church on Rise Park, Nottingham


“Musical excellence – supporting good causes”

As always, the concerts helped to raise funds for our nominated charities and support our own activities. This represents a vital part of the ongoing activities of NSW, fulfilling one of our key charitable roles. Thanks go to everyone that’s contributed by playing, selling tickets, and organising concerts. The Kidsophonic Concert again provided a key source of funds for the group, and by some margin is our most profitable concert.  We rely on a good audience for this to continue to be so worthwhile – please support it by playing and by spreading the word when the time comes!

For the details of this and other concert revenue, see the Treasurer’s Report.

Charitable status

Thanks to the work we are doing in raising funds for good causes, performing for community organisations, and providing musical participation opportunities for members, we continue to fulfil our obligations and aims as a charity.   This is an evolving picture, and the work of the committee includes acting as charity trustees.  As part of continuing to support the group, our charitable aims, and to organize ourselves most effectively, over the next twelve months we will be putting in place a new governance structure to enable us to benefit from orchestra tax relief.

Thirty years of NSW in 2017-18

In the autumn we begin a year of activities to mark 30 years of NSW.  Among the planned events are a special celebration lunch, to all current members have been invited, as well as some of the people who have been influential over the years.  To mark the anniversary, both band and ensemble will include repertoire in their concerts which featured in early performances.  There will also be collaborations with local and international musicians.  Highlights include the UK premiere of a new work by Spanish composer Carlos Pellicer, Rhapsody in Blue as a Sunday afternoon showstopper in Nottingham’s Albert Hall, and culminating in a Latin-themed concert featuring guest soloist Alistair Parnell on saxophone. The ensemble have three concerts planned, including a joint concert with local saxophone ensemble Aurora.

NSW 30 year anniv logo

Promotion and publicity

Like any group we rely on our audiences for support and it is increasingly challenging to get our concert information noticed, so any means available to us to get the information out there is potentially of value.  As part of the 30-year anniversary we are taking the opportunity to refresh the look of our printed and online materials, which will feature a new 30 year anniversary logo.  The photos that everyone so patiently cooperated with in May will also be an important part of this, and will be used to help us get the message out about the group.

We are always looking to improve ways to communicate within the group, and the recent NSW Social Facebook group has provided a new means to do that, whilst we continue to use the web site members’ areas for those that prefer it.


As always, there is a huge amount of work that goes into keeping the organisation running.  There are too many to name everyone here, but special thanks go to Stewart Drummond and Keiron Anderson for directing the musical activities of the groups; the planning teams and committee ensure we have a process of management in place. 

On behalf of the committee I’d also like to thank both Dave and Margaret who continue to support NSW so generously and effectively.

Nicola Pennill

Chairman, NSW

June 2017

Treasurer’s Report

David Wesker

I have been privileged to serve another year as Treasurer of the Group and am delighted to present my report on the group’s financial position.


This has been another strong year for the Group in terms of concerts and other income, and it is pleasing that, as we come to our 30th Anniversary, we do not need to be concerned for the financial viability of the group in the short term. However, there are challenges ahead that will need to be tackled, which is why over the next 12 months there will be significant work “behind the scenes” to make sure that financial concerns do not prevent the Group from reaching its 60th Anniversary!

Part of the role of the committee is to ensure the continued viability of the Group and that includes good financial governance and financial planning. As part of this, each year we review the level of the group’s reserves and income, including subscriptions.

Over the past 2 seasons we have been increasing reserves because in the short to medium term the group may have to incur significant expenditure to continue in its present form. This expenditure includes:

The van: we will increasingly take over the running costs of the van including the maintenance, and at some point it will need replacing (which we will need to fund).

The shed: At some point over the next few years the hall in which the band rehearses is likely to be rebuilt as the school updates its real estate. It will be hard (if not impossible) for us to take the shed out from its current position and consequently we may need to purchase a new one.

Rehearsal venue: The future of the venue, its availability and cost remains uncertain into the medium term.

Given these potential issues, the committee has considered whether the current income level of the group is appropriate. For now, we have concluded that it is (and therefore there will be no change in the level of subscriptions).

We are, however, looking to take action to increase income over the next few years. Our main sources of income remain subscriptions (including gift aid) and concert income. These are fairly stable year on year, so significant increases in the amounts of these are unlikely. Consequently, we are currently looking at how Orchestra Tax Relief can benefit the group by providing additional income. This could provide significant benefit however it will involve a change in the administration of the Group and potentially the activities of the Group will need to be transferred to a new charitable entity. There will be no change for the 17-18 season (as we celebrate our 30th Anniversary) however changes are likely for the 18-19 season and these will be communicated further to you in due course.

Concerts and fundraising

We continue to hold successful concerts which help raise money for our nominated charity and other local charities. This continues to be a priority for us as a group. This season so far NSWO have raised in the region of £400 for Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People, £400 for St Margaret’s Church and £190 for The Crossing in Worksop. NWE helped raise an excellent £538 for the GVI’s Women’s Empowerment Project in Laos. Both groups have, of course, helped raise money for NSW so I would like to echo the thanks in the Chairman’s report.


The final accounts for last season are attached to this report.


Thank you for your support in paying subscriptions on a timely basis for continuing to support our claims for gift aid on these. This continues to be a very important source of income to the group.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Windblowers for their continued sponsorship, which includes the use of the van and other administrative assistance.

David Wesker 


Stephen Parker

 Another busy year in the NSWO passes rapidly and brings my time as band representative to an end. The main job of the rep, to put forward issues and suggestions to the committee and planning team on behalf of the members, saw a variety of issues raised relating to rehearsals, repertoire, concerts and events. As usual all items were discussed in detail, often resulting in actions being taken.

At its core, the NSWO is about exploring a wide variety of high-quality music and bringing it to as wide an audience as possible. I think it's worth noting that whilst we are not seeking to alter this core, we are looking to improve the experience of members throughout the band. I personally believe that the committee and planning teams should seek to try out new ideas and whilst not all of these will be successful, trying them out is important to keep things fresh and interesting for everyone.

In addition to the usual feedback, this year we sought your views and opinions through a member questionnaire and through voting on new repertoire. The results of the questionnaire have been collated and published on the website and will provide useful information to aid decision making in the committee and planning teams in the future. The results of the voting on new repertoire have resulted in two new pieces being purchased but as concert programmes and themes are decided well in advance of concerts only one piece has so far been scheduled into a concert. Hopefully the voting process was fun and interesting for all (as well as being a useful way to get the Facebook group up and running) - if it's something you would like to see happen again please let us know. In the meantime, if you have any more suggestions for new repertoire, or if there is simply something already in our catalogue (available on the website) that you would like to play, do please come forward with your suggestions.

As mentioned above, this year saw the introduction of the NSW Social Facebook group. Hopefully those members who use Facebook find this a convenient way to stay informed about everything going on in the band. Of course, being a Facebook group this isn't just for keeping people informed, it is also for members to communicate with each other - so please feel free to add articles, questions or ideas to the group - I'd just ask that, as has been the case so far, items are kept to those that could be of interest to everyone in the group.

Finally, I'd just like to say that it has been a pleasure to serve as NSWO representative and to thank everyone on the committee and planning team for their support.


Sarah Emmerson

It has been an absolute pleasure to be the Rep for the Ensemble this year, and many thanks to everyone who has supported me in this new role.

The year appeared to have begun quietly, but we still appear to have crammed a lot in. We have performed in two concerts this year. Our concert on 20th May, and held at St John’s church, Long Eaton was to raise money for GVI’s Women’s Empowerment project in Laos. This was a project that I worked on for 4 weeks in August 2016 and I am returning to this summer. The project works with girls from a range of vulnerable backgrounds, including those rescued from the sex industry. The programme was well performed and appreciated by the audience. After costs, the concert raised £437 for the charity which will make a huge difference to the lives of these young women. We were delighted to return to The Church on Rise Park on 7th July, where we had a good turn out and a warm reception. If any ensemble members have a particular cause that they would like to organise a concert for, please speak to Margaret or I.

 We continue to be very grateful for the support that our friends in NSWO give in bolstering numbers in some sections for concerts; whilst we try not to be dependent on these, it has been very helpful and well received when we face player shortages. Another highlight of the year was the annual Kidsophonic concert. It is always a pleasure to play alongside members of NSWO in this concert that is guaranteed to leave everyone feeling very festive and we look forward to Kidsophonic 2017!

Attendance to rehearsal has been a concern this year. Whilst we understand that sometimes we are all beset with illness and a clash of commitments, we are grateful to those who do their very best to attend as many rehearsals as possible. There are more concerts planned for 2017-18 than we have had this year and rehearsal time is very precious if Stewart is able to work with us to perform at our very best.

As well as playing in concerts, we were pleased to have the opportunity to have some photos taken in May; these will be used in promotional material and as we look to update the website in 2017-18. A revamp of the website has been raised by several members and is something that Faye and I are hoping to work on for the 2017-18 season. We take feedback from members very seriously and please let me know if you have any ideas, suggestions or skills you would like to offer.

The membership of NWE continues to evolve. We are delighted to welcome new members this year to a range of sections and wish those who are moving on at the end of this season all the best. Next season looks like it will be very exciting as NSWO celebrates its 30th anniversary. There are lots of events planned for the year, including a meal in November, so watch this space for more details. The organisation continues to go from strength to strength, and I look forward to what the next year will bring!

Have a fantastic summer everyone

Sarah Emmerson

Player Vacancies
If you are a woodwind, brass or percussion player we are always interested to hear from you.
NSWO - We are currently looking for  Percussion.
NWE - We are currently looking for players in all sections for the new term.
Phone Margaret on 0115 9410543