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Supporting the new organisation

Supporting the new organisation


See also  details of the new organisation:

Roles overview

Full role descriptions


Extra help to support the new organisation

In order to spread the workload out fairly and to ensure  the main roles have sufficient help and support in place, we are very much hoping there will be people prepared to take on some of the jobs involved.

Please take a look, and think about how you might be able to help.  The list is available at rehearsal for you to sign up or online via the link below:

Click here for sign up list 


To aid Membership Secretary:

  • Develop online paperwork
  • Develop excel spreadsheet
  • Aid with ensuring all data conforms to General Data Protection requires (password protection of electronic files and folders)
  • Prepare weekly register
  • Co-ordinate instrument insurance
  • Aid in text messaging for cancellations etc


To aid Marketing and Publicity:

  • Manage design of posters and programmes
  • Aid in redesign of website
  • Manage website
  • Manage social media
  • Manage online ticketing
  • Support ticket sales
  • Distribute posters
  • Contact local magazines for publicity
  • Provide M & P person with contacts for publicity and marketing


To aid NSW Secretary

  • Create new NSW email address :
  • Support with arranging concerts
  • Investigating new venues
  • Front of house @ concerts
  • Ticket sales at rehearsals on Sunday morning
  • Assist in arranging deps for concerts (Section leaders)
  • Taking Register
  • Set up and clear away on concert days (All)
  • Set up and clear away @ rehearsals (All)


To aid Librarian

  • Help with distribution and collection of music
  • Aid in audit of music


To aid Logistics

  • Set up and clear away on concert days (All)
  • Set up and clear away @ rehearsals (All)
  • Unlocking/locking shed on group set up week. (All)