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NWE Concert Dress and Etiquette



Concerts will take the following format:-


1)                 5:00pm Meet the van at the venue, chosen lifters ONLY

2)                 5:30pm All band members assemble – instruments in the room directed by Pat

3)                 5:45/6pm Rehearsal – Everyone

4)                 6:30/40pm Finish – await instructions

5)                 7:15pm Tuning off stage

6)                 7:25pm Band on stage, very quick organised tune (no random blowing)

7)                 7:29pm Rachel will come on

8)                 7:30pm Claire will come on – DO NOT STAND


Interval – Take bow, Claire goes off, all follow Samantha straight away.


After Interval – All back on together, no random blowing please.


End of concert:

1)                 Claire will signal for all to stand

2)                 Bow together

3)                 Claire goes off – WAIT

4)                 Claire back on – all bow

5)                 Claire goes off

6)                 Samantha takes a bow and goes off

7)                 Band to follow immediately

8)                 SMILE

9)                 Everyone to help pack the van please.


NB During the concert, please DO NOT TURN PAGES OR CHANGE MUSIC while audience are clapping, do it when Claire speaks.






Black Skirts -           Must be below the knee or long


Black Trousers -       Dressy – not jeans or similar

Scarf -                       Provided

Blouse -                     Black long sleeve preferred

Black Tights and Black concert shoes




Black Trousers -       Smart or DJ trousers – no jeans

Black Shirt -             Long sleeves worn inside

Tie -                         Provided

Black socks and Black shoes – no patterned socks, no heavy shoes or boots


If in doubt about any of the above, please see Margaret FIRST!