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Please add your comments here on any aspect of the band or ensemble that you'd like to share with your fellow musicians.

Members' Comments

Name: Margaret
Subject: April 5th Concert
Comment: Please can members sell some tickets for 5th April as we are a bit lacking in audience at the moment!
It would relly help if you could buy any that you need on Sunday as this is the last week.
We really should send a good donation in memmory of Tony!

Name: Alan
Subject: Hull
Comment: Spreading the music of NSW far and wide!!  The son of a friend of theirs is interested in learning tympani and percussion so I am suggesting that they come down to a future concert!!

Name: Lucy
Subject: Hull
Comment: Wow, Hull that's a bit of a trek. Well done to them! Glad they enjoyed it!

Name: Alan
Subject: 1st March Concert
Comment: I would like to pass on a big well done from my parents who came down from Hull for the concert on saturday.
They said that they especially liked the performance of Nimrod

Name: David
Subject: Recommended Bassoon Recordings
Comment: For those that are interested, Meyrick Alexander (bassoon tutor) recommended some recordings:
Sergio Azzolini, Rossini Concerto:
Dag Jensen
Gwydion Brook:
Recorded Mozart G major Violin Concerto on Bassoon:
This is available from Mike Skeet on 01908 502836
Maurice Allard: Apparently Vivaldo Concertos are exceptional (see a little way down page for Vivaldi Concertos)

Name:  Nicola
Subject: Workshop 
Comment: Thanks to everyone who helped make Sunday such a success.  Not only did our visiting players have a great day (many have contacted us to say so) but we have also greatly helped the profile of NSW in the community.  The Evening Post had a full page in their 'Post People' section on the workshop, and we've never managed to get that amount of coverage for anything before!  There will also hopefully be a major article in 'Winds' magazine.
It of course also enabled us fulfil the conditions of the Awards for All grant, which enabled NSWO members to have such a great workshop last October, so it was great to complete the cycle, include NWE members, and offer something back to the community. 
I found it a really rewarding day and was amazed how well Sun Paints Rainbows came together, considering the numbers and range of abilities of players.

Name: Sandra Kingston
Subject: Workshop pics
Comment: Some great pictures of the workshop day on Paul's website; I think Margaret should have the one of her and Dave with the Moosmans framed for the shop! I had a great day and I think lots of other people did, too. Let's hope we can make it a regular event.

Comment:Thanks all for a great day - I really enjoyed it, especailly the Sun Paints Rainbows piece.  Thanks to those who organised it.

Name: Lucy
Subject: Pub
Comment: Pub attendance has been a bit poor recently. How's about we all try harder in the new year...! If there are serious objections to the choice of pub please discuss, does everyone know that we usually go?
Happy christmas one and all XXX

Name: Margaret
Subject: 3 November
Comment: Dave and I would like to thank everyone for a most fantastic evening. Superb playing by both groups and a fabulous nostalgia trip for us and the many friends of NSW. Horovitz, Woolfenden, Hinton, Billing and many others sent you their best wishes for many more successful years. Everyone plays an important part in this organisation and that's what makes it the success that it is today. We are both so proud to be a part of it.  Thank you all for the wonderful gifts, we will always treasure them.
Subject:Social Events
Comment: Great suggestions Chris - suggest you have a chat with Kate as I know she has some plans in the pipeline...
Name:Dancing Chris
Subject:Social Events
Comment:Thinking about getting some social events/activities up and running. A couple of suggestions could be to go greyhound racing or paint balling, team building things like raft making or booking out a youth hostel for the weekend. Let me know what you think and other suggestions people may have. I'd be happy to organise something if enough people are interested.

Name:Sandra Kingston

Subject:Ensemble ladies' concert dress

Comment: Pat and I are collecting your feedback on the latest version of the dress code, as worn on Saturday. We need to come to some sort of agreement before the next concert on 1 December, so come with your thoughts and suggestions next Sunday, please.  To kick off, the current two ideas for the next concert are to go back to what we had before (coloured blouses and the scarves), or to wear what we did on Sat but with a black blouse/shirt instead of a white one. Unless you can suggest something more acceptable...!



Comment: Good gig guys! Lx



Comment: I personally prefer the admiral rodney for food. I don't like the hop pole as they have 1 choice of food if they even have that and i don't like that wheatsheaf place for food. The ham is spam!!!!!



Comment: Anyone still reading this? What pubs do people prefer for post band drinks and sunday lunch?

Name: Margaret
Subject: Voting
To clarify the process for voting in September - as it says in your letters the posts for which we need to nominate and vote for people are Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, NSWO rep and NWE rep.  All of these posts will be voted for on 16th September.  Whilst the posts of band and ensemble rep and chairman are new, both the secretary and treasurer posts currently have people doing those jobs (myself and Bill).  We are both happy to either be elected formally or to stand down if the voting goes with someone else.
The issue here is not the process.  What can cause upset is the implied criticism of individuals, which I hope our sense of fair play will prevent from happening in the future.

Name: Alison


Comment: I'd just like to ask what we are actually voting for in September as there seems to be some confusion. I was under the impression that people were being nominated for positions that were going to be available. E.g. the people who are currently doing the job not wanting to do it anymore. If this is not the case then it is going to cause tension and upset when people are nominated to take over the roles. If current people want to keep doing their jobs does that mean that new people are not to be nominated for those roles. If that's the case then that's fine. It's just a bit unclear and I think everyone should be aware of this before voting starts or it's going to cause more upset. I hope this message is not interpreted in ways other than intended but I just want everyone to be clear!! Thanks



Comment:Having just read the comments regarding the treasurer's position I feel you should all be more careful how these are presented as they can be interpreted in ways other than the writer intended.  May I point out that Bill, our current treasurer, has done this job, for all of you, for almost 20 years and done it very well. It is a very difficult position made even harder by members who choose not to pay on time, without good reason. 
Please do not put comments on this site without thinking of the implications of what you are saying. The upset which these have caused has prompted me to ask for them to be removed, so please, can we put a stop to it now and think before we write.


Subject:Tour 2008

Comment: Margaret's photos from Austria are now online here. 
Don't forget to let her know if you definitely want to go - she needs to know asap.



Comment: Any news? The weather is really nice at the moment. I say we sould try for the 19th of August



Comment: Any news on the rounders plan? It's perfect weather for it at the moment but don't know how long it will last!

Name: Nicola

Subject:Channel swim

Comment: Wow!! Congratulations, Maxine.  You deserve extra biscuits for that!


Subject:Channel swim

Comment:Just to let any interested parties know.  I swam the Channel with the rest of the team on Monday 30th July.  We set off just after midnight - we hadn't even considered a night swim!  The weather was dreadful - winds of force 4-5

By morning everything had calmed down considerably.

Time taken 11 hours and 19 mins.



Comment:Oh my god Lucy! You and your morris dancing!!! I tried to have a lie in this Sunday but couldn't. I think my body clock was confused! Talking about bizarre things... I'm currently at Heathrow airport, it's 5am and I'm waiting to check in for my flight to Jamaica!! It doesn't leave till 9.20am and I'm that bored I've just paid £12 for an internet card and I'm sat in a dodgy internet room on my own trying to waste a bit of time!!! How bizarre!!!



Comment:So, what exciting stuff has everyone been doing with their first free Sunday of the summer? Hmmm what to do when there's no band. I bet I win for the most obscure activity.... I went morris dancing at the St. Alban's pipe and tabor festival. Ha ha. How bizarre!!! You? Anyone else care to share their obscure and embarassing hobbies?!

Name:Nick M

Subject:Rounders etc

Comment:Hi all! Just off for some sun in the Med - may see Keiron over there!

Up for Rounders! Let me know when!!!

Samurai - hmmm, think we may need more than we have Al! Also the drums.....??

Name: Alan


Comment:I really enjoyed playing in both concerts at the weekend and the heat on sunday night made it even more fun!

I am already looking forward to next year especially Samurai.  I wonder how many percussion players we are going to need?

As for rounders.... Count me in...  It would be good to meet up over the summer.



Comment:Brilliant idea. When?



Comment: Thank you everyone for a fantastic weekend with two super concerts; the best! So proud to be part of this wonderful group. Thanks also to david and keiron. Have a good summer will miss you all. Any rounders in the park?

Name:Ben Hadfield


Comment: Does anyone know if there is a duet for 2 Bb Instruments for a Wind Ensemble? Just thinking of a Suggestion for next Year.

Name:  Keiron
Subject: NSWO
"...I should like to thank all the players in NSWO, all the fantastic supporters who work tirelessly to make every rehearsal work, Margaret and David who live and breathe NSW and all the stalwart audience members who support the group time after time. We had a good year; we will build on it!"
(from Keiron's web site - for more and his thoughts on the concert go to


Subject:concert and M1!

Comment:Really enjoyed the concert last night - although it would be great to play an NSWO concert without being too hot - might not be saying that in December!

Amazing thunder storms on the way home, but luckily less traffic.

Looking forward to next year - have a good summer everyone.

Name: anon


Comment:Good concert on Saturday Ensemble, excellent programme and well played solos.

Well done David!



Comment:Hey. Ooo, first comment from a flautist! I'm with you on the concert. It was good and fun but I did think I was going to melt! Also in agreement that Margaret is a star. Hope everyone has a great summer.

Name: Nicola
Subject: Hear hear
Comment:  Well said, Alison! 


Comment:I'd just like to say well played everyone! I thought the concert went really well considering the heat!!! If that's what it's like when the air conditioning is on full I dread to think what it'd be like if it was turned off! I'm a bit sad that it's the last time we'll play together until September! Hope everyone has a good summer!
I'd just like to say a big thank you to Margaret for all her hard work this year! I know it's been a bit of a stressful time recently but I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we love you and appreciate everything you do for us all!!

Name:Nick M

Subject:Kate's Baby

Comment:Yes!!! she has had a baby son - Joshua Michael born at 11:24am on 8th July at 7lb 12oz! Mother and Baby both doing very well.


Subject:Anonymous comments

Comment:Well, it's amazing really isn't it? The 'ensemble member' who posted that comment still doesn't want to admit to it. I can only assume that you are ashamed  and embarrassed by what you said, which is perfectly understandable. In future though, if you've got something to say but you don''t want to put your name to it, then please don't bother because we don't want to read it. This guestbook is not for cowards!!!


Subject:Elderly relatives

Comment:Mine was from Glasgow so I could never understand a word he said!!

Thats all I have to say about that.



Comment:Does anyone know if Kate's had the baby yet???


Subject:golf club

Comment:We could not play inside unless we played to ourselves. Golf went ahead as planned. Will confirm date when sun shines again! Just proving that I can use the computer at last!



Comment:Since we're giving out random quotes... my grandad used to say "'wake up and smell the coffee!!!"



Comment:Just like to say thank you to everyone for making me feel welcome on my first year in the ensemble.I've had a great time and learnt alot.The biscuits are particularly good.

Can I also add that everyone in the Ensemble really appreciates band members helping us out at concerts!

Thats it really!



Comment:Oh finally, someone from the ensemble is reading the guest book. It's just a shame you have to remain anonymous (maybe due to the comment, I don't know!) Don't be ashamed to say what you think, everyone's entitled to their opinion.

Name:ensemble member


Comment:Keep up the great work David!!

My Grandad used to say "there's nowt as funny as folk"



Comment:Oh my god!!! I'd forgotten  about the plane. You could fly to the rehearsal on that! Oh, I miss Garda!!! I'm cross the concert's off! Why couldn't we just play inside! I'm assuming the golfs off and that's why it was cancelled! We could still have played inside!! I haven't made plans for Saturday night, now what am I going to do! I think the golf club should give us compensation!!!



Thanks Alison. Perhaps I could borrow the spectacular collection of inflatables acquired between us in Garda... Andrea's armbands might be useful, or there's always that plane....



Comment:I want a banjo.


Subject:Lesser Banjos

Comment:A lesser banjo is one specifically designed so that even wind instrument players can get a rudimentary tune out of it without causing them too much stress.

Name:  Nicola
Subject:  Postponing ...and banjos
Comment:  Yes, it makes it much more manageable for everyone if a decision is made early.  Hope we get in touch with everyone, though, would be awful if some people didn't get the message!
...and also, on Paul's offer to Alison - I didn't realise there could be such thing as a 'lesser banjo'.  It doesn't bear thinking about! 

Name: Lindsay


Comment: Hi I think putting the concert off this weekend is a sensible decision. If the weather and travel conditions turns out to be anything like we've been experienced earlier this week in Yorkshire it would be a nightmare. If roads were to close again even getting Keiron and the Northern contingent down to Seagrave could prove near impossible. Better than everyone fighting to get there and THEN calling it of as usually happens.

See you all Sunday - weather permitting!

Name:Paul Tombs


Comment:Are there any other REAL instruments about?

Perhaps if I let you have a go with one of my lesser banjos, you might come to realise how empty your life has really been.

Name: Nicola
Subject: Concert postponed
Comment:  The concert on Saturday is NOT happening!  It has been postponed to September. 

Name:  Alison
Subject: Banjos

Comment:PT why is there about a million banjo players on your website? Have you learnt nothing???


Subject: Saturday

Comment:I'm not worried about being cold, more about getting wet! It's been quite warm throughout the monsoon we've been having! So It's still on if it's raining then??? Lucy, I've got an inflatable rubber ring you can borrow if you want!!!

Name: Alan


Comment:I know it doesn't look good for Saturday but we do seem to have our own little climate system at the golf club!  Or is it me being hopeful!  Some flat staging went up today. Apparently a 40ft marque to cover band is being borrowed from local football club so we should be under cover.  At least I am not doing the 24hr golf in the rain!

Name: Lucy

Subject: Cold and wet

Yes I expect so. I'm a little nervous about attempting to travel in and out of Sheffield though, particularly if the predicted rains are as heavy as last week...

Name:  Nicola
Subject: Cold
Comment:  Hmm, yes, I think it might be not only cold but somewhat wet - the forecast is terrible for Saturday!  However I think whatever the weather we have to be there.



Comment:Ok ladies. We are allowed to wear cardies/jackets etc on Saturday (smart) even though it's not part of usual concert dress. Maybe you had assumed that anyway, I checked with the boss and we're allowed. It's going to be chuffing freezing!


Subject: Transfer

You're welcome to come and play in our band Lucy, if you want to bang some drums. Perhaps have a go at french horn also! How are you at multi-tasking?



I can't go to the social regardless of which night it's on (i'm not really washing my hair Alison, i am genuinly busy!) but would just like to observe that drinking and chatting in a nice pub sounds like a fab social to me, and potentially far more sociable than a concert type event where you get told off for chatting to people (a la Garda.) Just my opinion. Anyone care to discuss??


Internal transfer?

I'd like to express an interest in playing percussion. Seems like fun. I'm sure you don't need me on clarinet, so can I have the claves please. And perhaps a go on the big base drum!!!



Thanks Nicola I'll see you there. Haven't watched Joseph I'm more of a 'Grease is the word' kind of person. The final for that was last Saturday as well so I'll have nothing to do! Will have to record Big Brother though, I'm a bit obsessed with it (now that's sad!!!)

From:  Nicola
Subject: Social
Hi Alison,
Sorry - my fault, I had in my head it was Friday but no, I've checked with Margaret and it's definitely Saturday!  Hope to see you there...I think any time from about 6.30 pm is good, and now they've cast 'Joseph' there's no reason to get back for the results show (yes, I know, sad!).



Don't know if anyone's reading this but I'm a bit confused about the social thing at the pub in Beeston. It says on the website that it's Friday 15th but we were told at rehearsal it's on Saturday 16th. Also what time are people getting there. Being the social butterly that I am I was going to come but don't want to be the only one there on the wrong day! Can someone let me know. Thanks

From: Paul Tombs


Comment: I can't believe nobody has used this new guestbook yet.

Name:Dave Sadler


Comment: Hi everyone.  Just passing on a BIG HELLO from Eric who has asked me to pass on his LOVE to everyone!!!

From:  Nicola
Subject: New guestbook
Comment: We have changed the format of the guestbook to make it more accessible.  Any comments posted here will be only read by members of NSW, not the general public! 
Looking forward to your contributions - about concerts, organisation, ideas, social plans, anything really! 
Here's the link to the old guestbook
Player Vacancies
If you are a woodwind, brass or percussion player we are always interested to hear from you.
NSWO - We are currently looking for  Percussion.
NWE - We are currently looking for players in all sections for the new term.
Phone Margaret on 0115 9410543