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New organisation and roles overview

Proposed New Organisation


The proposed organisational changes reflect the job evaluation carried out by the committee, and are summarised below. The new roles will allow for greater collaboration between the two groups whilst maintaining their individual characters.

Also see Role descriptions

1. New roles 

We will be looking for people to fill the following roles:

Membership Secretary – to handle all registration and subscriptions for both NSWO and NWE.

Marketing Officer – to develop audiences, coordinate print and digital advertising and publicity, contacting media, generally promote the group

Kidsophonic Project Reps (1 per group) – to be part of the Kidsophonic organisation team, liaising with venue and other team members, sourcing props, ensuring smooth running on the day.

2. Revised roles

The NSWO and NWE Rep roles will be really key, and will be expanded to include some of the tasks Margaret currently carries out at rehearsals and concerts, including:

· Taking register (for health and safety)

· Notices

· Ensuring set up and clear away, especially on concert days

Other planning team roles for both groups may need to shift focus slightly to ensure all the gaps are filled; these will be discussed in the appropriate meetings.

3. Committee roles

· The Committee Roles continue as before (Chair, NSW Secretary, Treasurer, NSWO Rep and NWE Rep), with the following amendments:

o With the changes already outlined, the NSW Secretary will be a more focussed role, with the following main responsibilities:

  • General administration of committee meetings (agendas, minutes, record keeping)
  • Concert management – planning concert dates, liaising with conductor, group, venues and other performers, post event administration (venues, bills), liaising with charity partners
  • Rehearsal planning – set dates, manage process of programme selection, liaison with conductors.
  • Attendance at planning team meetings

o Chairman and Treasurer roles are unchanged (as per current role descriptions)

Player Vacancies
If you are a woodwind, brass or percussion player we are always interested to hear from you.
NSWO - We are currently looking for  Percussion.
NWE - We are currently looking for players in all sections for the new term.
Phone Margaret on 0115 9410543