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Tour Photos 2008

Alison and Daniel

Mozart and poster


Tour Photos 2008
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Photo Albums
Facebook photos:
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Name Title/Link
Nicola Waidring Landscapes Click on 'slideshow' and turn on your speakers for full effect!
Alison Tour photos1
Alison Tour photos 2
Lindsay Tour part 1 and tour part 2 and tour part 3
Dancing Chris NSW Austria Tour 2008
Lucy Band Camp and Band Camp 2
Lucy Video Dancing in the rain
Paul Austria Tour 2008 PT Graphics
Denis Austria photos
Photo of the Day 
Suggestions for captions please!  Send captions here with a note of which photo it's for...
6.  Who's driving...? Photo:  Denis (or was it Joyce?)
Pool olympics
5.  British team in training for new Olympic event  Photo:  Lindsay
Speed skating practice
4.  Speed skating practice Photo: Alan
Austrian dude
3. Austrian dude  Photo: Alison
Cable car attack
2. Cable Car Attack  Photo: Lindsay
Sometimes being short has its advantages...
Going in the rain 
1.Going in the Rain    Photo:  Alison/Daniel
Player Vacancies
If you are a woodwind, brass or percussion player we are always interested to hear from you.
NSWO - We are currently looking for  Percussion.
NWE - We are currently looking for players in all sections for the new term.
Phone Margaret on 0115 9410543